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So whats the deal? Does AtG have a brewery in Maryland?


So where in the world is Against The Grain Brewery?  Is it in Kentucky or Maryland?

To save you the time of reading the lengthy response, both.  But if you wanna know more, read on....

It is no secret that the demand for AtG beers is very high. We have been fortunate to see growth unlike any other brewery in Kentucky in recent history. That said, it is also no secret that the Slugger Field location is maxed out to capacity of production. So much so, that this unplanned occurrence came nearly a year ago in our short life.

You see, currently AtG is widely distributed, with the largest portion being sent out into the KY market. With our current capacity we are only able to sate the thirst of a small portion of the demand for AtG beers. In a world of estimations, AtG produces around 1550 bbls of beer annually at the Slugger location. The brewing and cellar system that we are operating at that location is designed to produce around 1300 bbls annually. This is a significant deficit and honestly one of the unique traits that makes AtG so special. Its truly magical that our brewery team is capable of getting that efficiency out of our current set up and a testament to the commitment they have to providing great beer to Louisville and beyond.

All of this said, its impossible to ignore the fact that it would be detrimental to our growth and future to ignore the remaining demand. So about a year ago, we set out on a search. A search to find like minded men/women to partner with in brewing excess capacity for AtG brands... in essence, a contract brewery. While this may seem like a dirty word, be rest assured that we did an immense amount of due diligence in finding our 2nd home for the time being.  From this search we found kindred spirits and talents in Pub Dog Brewery, located in Westminster MD. "Why so far" you might ask? The answer is simple...quality. We needed to find people that were like minded, like spirited, and unfaltering in the commitment to process and quality. So when we found Dog (as we call them), it was a relief and we were able to begin the next chapter in our own history. After many early morning flights to MD and long brew days and a flight home, as well as the same packaging days; we are delighted and proud to partner with Pub Dog Brewery for these contracts. They are of the highest quality and exactly as we intended going into the market. Currently 4 brands are produced in MD, Rico Sauvin, Citra Ass Down, 35K Milk Stout, & The Brown Note (which will be in the Louisville market in the coming week). Those brands are in 22oz bottles and are making their way around the US. We are brewing 30bbl batches at a time (twice our batch capacity at the Slugger location) and they are all going out in the 22oz format. Beyond those 4 brands, everything else in the AtG bottle portfolio is coming out of the Slugger location. So its really only a small portion of our production. However small though, it has been a great relief on our brewery team and allowed them some free space and time to produce some more interesting brews at AtG.  But most importantly, it has increased supply to sate the the thirst of some of the remaining demand for AtG beers. For this we are grateful.

To be clear, this contract production is not a 'forever' solution, and we are still completely owned by the original group that founded AtG. Ultimately this is a bandaid to hold things together until the next phase of AtG growth is complete.  In the coming year we will be building (and hopefully operating) an additional brewing and packaging facility, that will allow us to deliver a more consistent stream of the beers we have all grown so fond of to the market.  As for our future utilizing additional contracted capacity, we will certainly address the need. 

But in the mean time, our family at Pub Dog Brewery is doing a great job as steward to our brand recipes and we are grateful. 




Sam J Cruz

Co Owner/ Managing Member

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send a message via email to: