NEWS : July

There Gose The Neigborhood!


 We're a little more than excited to share about this project.  Aviary (Chicago, IL) Chef de Cuisine Micah Melton and Fountainhead (Chicago, IL) Executive Chef Cleetus Friedman came down to Louisville this summer and brought a whole lot of crazy with them.  What ensued was a collaboration of epic proportions and thus, "There Gose The Neighborhood" was born.  The resulting beer is inspired by Cleetus's love of calamansi limes and multiple email threads, Micah's propensity to mix unlikely flavor combinations in fancy cocktails, and Jerry's love for 'making it work'.


"There Gose the Neighborhood" is our take on the classic style Gose, which is a salted and sour wheat beer.  Brewed with roasted red pepper, cilantro, calamansi limes, and fermented out with brettanomyces its a unique mix of flavors that blend together for a unique cocktailesque and culinary inspired experience.  Its spicy and sour and, honestly unlike anything you'll ever try! Look for 'There Gose The Neighborhood' in 500mL singles at your favorite beer spots (The Aviary & Fountainhead of course) in Chicago, IL; Louisville, KY; & NYC!  


oh and there's also this.....


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