NEWS : January

NABC takes senseless jab at #1 Uno Primero IPA in the world!


After the "out of bounds attack" perpetrated by our formerly esteemed neighbors in the north,  we were left with no choice but to defend what's ours.... you just can't go around having fun... it's ours.  So in response to the erroneous poster and video crafted by NABC (see below:)


We have no choice but to take the following "quasi" legal (if thats what you want to call it) action against the perpetrators of this malicious theft.... so, Roger (see below), quit crying about hops and have a read...





Against the Grain Brewery
401 E Main St.
Louisville, KY 40202

January 14, 2014


The Nude Albinos
You have streets up there?
Armpit, IN 47150


RE: Crease & Refist from Being Funny


Dear New Albanian Buttholes,

On January 14, 2014 you jerks at NABC posted a Youtube video touting your newest swill, Citra Ass Clown. While we appreciate your desire to name your shitty beer after our shitty beer, there has to be a line drawn somewhere. By common law of Prima Nocta, intellectual adverse possession, caveat emptor, and a variety of other fancy lawyer terms, we at AtG have clearly laid exclusive claim to any and all use of humor in the field of beer and brewing. This use of humor on your part is a clear violation of our rights as Greater Louisville’s preeminent dickheads. It’s not nice, it stinks, and it’s immoral. Ask anybody.

In order to avoid an unsightly run in with Judge Judy or, if you force our hand, Judge Dredd, we issue the following list of demands:


    • Crease and Refist from any and all use of humor in connection with beer and brewing. In fact, we recommend that you stop trying to be funny at all.
    • Roger has to shave his damn neck.
    • Roger must also cease attending city hall meetings or at least stop posting about them all the time.
    • David must henceforth cease blasting his muscles at JCC or anywhere else for that matter.
    • Josh and Ben may continue doing whatever they want.
    • Who is Peter Fingerson?

We trust that these demands will be met within the next 48 hours and will continue ad infinitum.



Shitty, Cram, Dingle, and Manglew
Against the Grain Brewery




brah...get off our jocks!