NEWS : February

D'oh! Nut Beer Release



We teamed up with Louisville’s ladies of the morning from Hi-Five doughnuts to craft something without a hole in the middle. Early one January morning Annie Harlow graced us with her presence and doughnuts. We were so enamored and filled with doughnut pleasure we thought, “Is there anything doughnuts can’t do?” Doughy eyed and filled with inspiration, we got to brewing.

First, we smoked the hell out of some Pale malt with Birch, Maple, and Oak woods. Then, added some Munich malts for a “doughy” character along with some of those delicious Hi-Five Doughnuts right into the mash. Lactose, brown sugar, and a gallon of their vanilla glaze created an ooey gooey sweetness. Finally we threw in a blend of spices and smoked vanilla to really put the icing on the cake. The result? A Root Beer Doughnut Rachbier.


As this smoky doughnut brew fermented away we realized it just wasn’t enough. So, Annie did what she knows best, made one delicious doughnut to pair with one delicious doughnut beer. A vanilla custard masterpiece with root beer glaze topped with bacon. Mmm…

“Doughnut” just stand there with a “glazed” expression drooling at the mouth. Join us February 24th at 6:00 and try all the goodies for yourself. 


Mmm...D'oh! Nuts. 

Root Beer Rachbier

ABV: 6.7% IBU: 18.2