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“Wilford Whimley ”

Status: Our Collection

Some homespun wisdom never did anyone wrong. Like perfect Wurthers Originals-sized nuggets of pure truth, there are some facts that can only be expressed in low tones through a gray, bushy moustache. Such a sentiment may refer to the downright, unmistakable appeal of a hoppy Hellesbock after a day on the ranch... or making announcements about blood sugar. Yes, hoppy Hellesbocks never did John-Boy wrong, ha-RUMPH! No, siree. Light, malty, crisp and fruity. A sound dose of Red and White Wheat and Huell Melon Hops never hurt a fella. In fact, itgood for what ails ya. Clear that Diabeetus right up.
ABV: 7.0%              IBU:70             OG: 15.5P