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“Sweet Taters Pi”

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The holidays are a time to gather with family for food, laughter and the discussion for complex mathematical truths, right? A universal American experience, if ever there were one.
Pi is an expression of the infinite found in the circumference of every circle. This holiday, we will gather with kith and kin to celebrate the harvestbounty and the joy of good company and you know whatll be on that table, right between the Turkey and the Cranberry Sauce? Pie. Youre goddamned right. And this beer strives to embody everything that that beautiful circle of pastry and filling represent. Caramel malt flavors meld with sweet potato in the mash and are joined with brown sugar and lactose in the boil for a sweet and starchy richness. Roasted sweet potatoes tossed with zested ginger and lemon and added to the fermenter compliment fruity esters and lend a citrusy, zingy finish to what is otherwise a big-bodied treat. And the flavor builds, infinitely... just like the goodwill and comradery at your holidagathering. Am I right?
ABV 7.5%         IBU 22.4         OG 18.2