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“Playa Hator”

Status: Our Collection

They see me barrel agin’, they hatin’.

Our latest doppelbock offering, this malty, thick lager has spent
some time all up in some fresh bourbon barrels. A mix of Munich
and pilsner malts provides a full but simple base, and then the
crew shows up to party. Subtle but noticeable additions of
melanoidin, caramel, aromatic, and chocolate malts create a rich
blend of flavors that contribute to that distinctive doppelbock
flavor. Look for all the different flavors you might associate with
“malty” beers as well as a crisp finish from the additions of
Tettnanger hops and a cold lagering process. Then everyone
slowed they roll. This already aggressive bunch of malts spend
some time hanging out with bourbon barrels, so don’t expect
them to show up to work tomorrow.

ABV: 8.0% IBU: 26.2 OG: 15.0P

Origin: A place where 'dubs' has meaning.