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“Massage a Mystic: Water”

Status: Our Collection

ดทองห งพระ (pid tong lang pra) Translation: Putting a gold leaf on the back of the Buddha image. Meaning: Doing something good without seeking for attention.

This creation is inspired by the wonderment of Thai cuisine. collaboration between Marz Community Brewing and Against the Grain Brewery. Together we brewed a large batch of a golden strong ale and then created five variants coupled with the five elements of Thai cooking; fire, water, earth, metal, and wood. Fire would include some spice, kimchi peppers, finished in bourbon barrels. Water would naturally include seaweed and a touch of salt for a tantalizing umami flavor. Earth is infused with Jasmine Yin Hao, a green tea layered with jasmine tea, finished in wine barrels. Metal needed to be sharp and crisp, so we added raw Cascade, Simcoe and Colombus hops directly into the stainless steel vessels. Wood was macerated with cinnamon and ginseng and finished in bourbon barrels. This mystical spectacle is very limited and will disappear before you can grasp this phenomenon.
ABV: 7.4%           IBU:30          OG: 17.6P