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“Kraut Bock”

Status: Our Collection

Were big fans of experimentation here at AtG. Were also big fans of Nachbar and, more importantly, James Gunnoe. Weve made some stellar beers together, so when he asked us to do a collabo with Red Cabbage for What the Germantown Fest, we thought Himmelherrgott! That sounds disgus-errr-delicious!’ And thusly, Kraut Bock was born. This beer defies tradition with a base recipe like that of a Kolsch, but stronger and fermented with our South German Lager Yeast. We took this Kolsch-ish Bock, added a dash of bittering hops, zested lemon and ginger, 50# of red cabbageWe had hoped the result would be a psychedelic fuscia mind-f*ck. Instead we got a gold-tinted pint with strange sweetness and notes ohoney and melon, zesty ginger spiciness and a crisp lemony kick. Its WEEEIRD in a good way. Just like all our favorite collabo babies.
ABV: 6.1%             IBU: 18.0         OG. 13.5