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“Inner Sacrum”

Status: Our Collection

A sacred space, to be sure.

This beer was made in homage to what the monks left behind in the garden of earthly delights. Our Belgian-style Abbey Ale is brewed with Belgian Pilsen malt, a dash of wheat and additions of dark Munich and Caramel malts. Hopped in the mildest to provide a simply, subtle balance, this beer is a showcase for malt and the star of the show: yeast. Belgian Abbey yeast was used for primary fermentation, and then we aged this beer for nigh on 9 months with Brettanomyces for a biiiiiig fruity, complexity and a dry finish to balance out all that caramel goodness. Like a plum tart, this beer has juicy fruitiness, and a browned, sugary maltiness. Those monks may take a vow of silence, but this beer speaks volumes.

ABV: 7.2%          IBU: 27.1         OG: 16.5P