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“Herbie Samplecock”

Status: Available

We brewed this French Saison to transcend the noise. Additions of Lemon Balm and Verbena to the boil add an aroma of herbs and fresh zested lemon. French Saison yeast contributes a floral, peppery flavor and light-body, and a load of spelt in the mash keep it balanced with a hint richness. Take that beautiful base beer, then age it 6 months with Brett Clausenii and you have a bright, funky tart saison with layers of citrus, herbs, hay and acidity that bring this beer to a new level. We cant say we planned this beer to be this good... Sometimes its just best when you let the yeast improvise.
ABV: 7.0%
OG: 14.7
Pairs with: The Platter, Sausage, Ribs