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“Fast Thymes at Ridgemont Rye”

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You can drink up all my beers, and still not know me, like
how Sean Penn can win ten Oscars and still be Spicoli.
WHHHHHOOOOOAA, dude.  All you need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz and you’ll be fine. Not sure if we can help you get tubular, but we surely can help with that cool buzz part. This spicy French Saison gets spicier with massive additions Rye to the mash and a few pinches of Thyme in the kettle. The result is a humungous wave of flavor Spicoli would ride with relish. And always remember – People on ‘ludes should not drink
ABV: 8.3%           IBU: 30.9            OG: 18.0 P