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“Dork Lard”

Status: Our Collection

We like those guys at Three Lloyds. They don’t give a fuck.

This beer is a work of fiction. Any similarities to any other beer, living or dead, are purely coincidental. We thought we already had a pretty good lineup of dark, syrupy giants, so we decided to make a light, syrupy giant. This imperial adjunct wine is a backbreaking double mash beer loaded with a totally unreasonable amount of oats and a knuckle sandwich of corn. The smoke note is extremely subtle behind the huge grain bill, and the massive additions of German Magnum hops are designed to obliterate your big dumb face. A long aging was allowed on a blend of American and French oak to add distinct spice, vanilla, and oak flavors. Forget your previous Satanic allegiances. Bow down before your Dork Lard!

ABV: 11.2%      IBU: 146.9     OG: 25P


Origin: The mind of a heretic.