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“Chris Framboise ”

Status: Our Collection

technically...raging on your taste buds!


Flamboyant, highly technical, and a bit unbalanced, like the wrestler himself, this brettanomyces-aged raspberry saison will send you to the mat.  A variety of light malts blend to create a slightly spicy, intricate malt body that was dried out with farmhouse saison yeast in primary fermentation before being moved to our wild room for blending with raspberry puree and three strains of brettanomyces.  The wild yeast create a secondary fermentation with all the raspberry sugars to yield a dry, tart, fruity, farmy treat that is sure to please hardcore beer geeks and lovers of girly-drinks alike.

 *will only be available in 750mL bottles (currently sold in house only)

ABV:  7.1%  IBU: 16.4  OG: 14.6P

Origin: Belgian Framboise