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Status: Available

The first in a line of Collaboration brews with Freigeist brewery in Germany. In today's market everything is new, it must be newer than new or else it's old news, right? We at AtG realize and appreciate the beer markets burning desire for anything and everything new so obviously the newest thing you can get is historically old styles. We're so old we'͛re new!! So partnering with Sebastian Sauer of Freigeist who is the only other person onthe planet both stupid and crazy enough to try and resurrect these dead styles, was a no brainer. So we'͛re leading off with Broyhan a dead style (until now) which is a unhopped 100% wheat ale. What͛s more Against the Grain than that? We are launching this as it͛s own brand under the Gegen den Strom which means Against the Stream in German. So try out the newest thing!!!

 ABV: 4.7%