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“5 Roses: A Rick Astley Joint (Malty ed.)”

Status: Our Collection

This beer has no intent to ever run around and desert

This edition of our Five Roses series is malty, rich, and
complex. The core elements of a brettanomyces beer
are readily apparent in the floral, funky, farmyardy
nose and palate. The kettle addition of lactobacillus
lends a noticeable, refreshing tangy sourness that
plays well with the rich malty flavors. The sweet,
grainy flavors are highlighted by caramel and
chocolate notes. Aging on Red Cypress adds a final
layer of unusual woody complexity to create a bottle
aged beer worthy of Rick himself.

*Available in 22oz bottles.

ABV: 5.5% IBU: low

Origin: A strange evening in a B&B on a snowy night.