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“Solipsistic Narcissistic Braggot”

Status: Our Collection

A truly masturbatory experience. Enjoy yourself!

Our first foray into braggot territory, this example reaches back to traditional braggots, which included a smoked element. The braggot is a style of fermented beverage with half of the sugars coming from malted barley, as in beer, and half of the sugars coming from honey, as in mead. We smoked our grain with a complex blend of sugar maple, orange wood, pecan wood, oak and alder to add complexity to a very simple malt bill. The large honey additions then add a layer of sweetness that is very gently offset by a modest hop addition and cut by a thorough and clean lager fermentation. You have to try this. Do it alone in your room or in a crowded public place. Whatever you like, man. You’re the only one that matters.

                                        ABV: 9.6%                 IBU: 10.2                 OG: 22.2P