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“S.S. Kentucky”

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Ahoy Matey, swab the poopdeck or something?

A smoked pineapple IPA brewed with our good friends from Carton Brewing located in New Joisey. Carton is known for their crushable session pale ale name “Boat Beer” and had made a strong version for a special event called “We Need a Bigger Boat” which was a delicious IPA with lots of tropical fruit flavors, most notably, pineapple. When we were approached for a collaboration we wanted to put an AtG touch on that beer, so we added a smoke element and actual pineapple to boost those flavors. This IPA starts with lots of pale ale and wheat malt and then we add a small portion of house smoked malt for just a hint of smoky flavor. We then peeled, cored and quartered 30 pounds of pineapple and caramelized them over a bed of charcoal and added that to the kettle late in the boil. The hop bill consists of a shitload of Pacific Jade, Cascade, Zythos, Amarillo and Centennial. The aroma is of danky hops and tropical fruits with a crisp flavor of citrus, guava, lemon and a hint of smoke as it warms.

                                      ABV: 8.0%                 IBU: 60              OG: 18.6P