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“Goin' H.A.M.”

Status: Our Collection

Oh my goodness, oh my DAYUM!
This is how a bacon beer is supposed to taste! You
bite the beer and the beer bites back, my man.
Our first foray into house-smoked malt, this beer is the quintessential spring smoked beer. A grain bill of
light but interesting undermodified malts with just a touch of wheat lend this beer a clean base with a little bit of crisp bitterness from the late Tettnanger addition. The real focus, though, is the smoke character from the pale malt we smoked in house with applewood chips. The result is an entirely unique
and assertive smoke flavor that is perfectly suited for long evenings of patio drinking.
ABV: 5.5% IBU: 21.4 OG: 13.0P

Origin: Our smoke box.