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“Aunt Claudine's Salty Melons”

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No one can refuse them...
The Summer was made for backyard BBQs. Family. Beer. Plenty of beer. Because nothing washes family down better. This delicious and light ale was made with 100 lbs of house-smoked wheat malt imparting the very essence of grilling out. We then added 2.5# of salt to the boil for a savory note to compliment that watermelon. 12 pureed and added to the fermenter, post-fermentation to be exact. The resulting beer is a refreshing affirmation of life. Aromatically smoky, slightly sweet and grainy with a briny finish. The answer to all those sweaty hugs you’re going to have to endure from your favorite Aunt.
ABV: 4.5%            IBU: 17.2             OG: 10.8P