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“Reinheitsgefekjaself ”

Status: Our Collection

ReinheitsgeWHA? Y'all can take that purity law and you-know-what-with-the-hey-now.
Those Krauts and their rules, right? With the 'only water, barley, hops and yeast' and their 'it has to be brewed in Koooln if ya call it Koooolsch.' To that, I say 'FOOEY!' . We used the finest German Pilsen and dashes of Munich and Wheat malts. We fermented cool with a clean little European Ale yeast. We only added a handful of American hops for balance. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they weren't NOOble hops. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're in KenTUCKy. We get it, and we think we named this beer in the spirit a what wthink about all that. So THERE.
ABV: 5.0%                IBU:18.8               OG: 12.5P