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“Rear Admiral Lord Nelson van Citra Winkle”

Status: Our Collection

This beer did not steal those bottles.

Feel free to abbreviate this beer RALNvCW, but it’s not
really any easier to do so. The long and grandiose
name is definitely compensating for something. This
is (so far at least) our tiniest IPA. It’s not size that
matters, though, and this little guy knows how to
move his ocean. Just smell him. Fresh, floral, grassy,
and grapefruity, with noticeable touches of tropical
fruit and pine. This beer allows you to enjoy both Citra
hops and Nelson Sauvin hops without having to pound
down a massive IPA. Go ahead and enjoy a few while
you’re at it.

ABV: 3.3% IBU: 30.9 OG: 8.25P

Origin: Not Buffalo Trace Distillery