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“Killewitte (collaboration with 18th St. Brewery -Gary, IN)”

Status: Our Collection

Hope springs eternal in the human breast

"Conceived in the shadow of a forgotten city by a
beacon of light on 18th Street in the 46403. Contrived
in collaboration by the kindred spirits from the 40202...
Killewitte is a collision of flavors shrouded in smoke.
Brewed with a blend of Mosaic & Amarillo hops; and a
dose of orange wood & coriander smoked malt from
Against The Grain Brewery... Bright, citrus hopped, and
soft spicy flavors cut through a haze of delicate smoke
like a kilowatt bulb on a dark street lamp in Gary. As
light and effervescent as any perfect summer beer,
KilleWitte was designed to assault your taste buds like a
college age anarchist on a op ed writing
rampage.....wait, what did you think this was about?
Drink up, its witbier."

ABV: 4.5% IBU: 28

Origin: the area closest to the heart, but under the arm