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“Heavy D (& the Ortmunderz)”

Status: Our Collection

If Heavy D was born in Germany, he might have made
this beer.
A close relative of Pilsner, a Dortmunder is a German
lager originally brewed in Dortmund for consumption
by industrial workers. This is a traditional take on the
style and features a smooth blend of flavors that
emphasizes malt slightly more than hops. A variety of
German malts lend this pale lager a clean but
assertive maltiness that is balanced by a moderate
addition of Saaz hops. Brewing salts added to the
water supplement yeast activity to leave a slightly
mineral-y flavor characteristic of the style. Good for
drinking while you smelt things and drive rivets.
ABV: 5.0% IBU: 26.3 OG: 13.5P

Origin: Germany Biatchz!