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“Drinking with Miners”

Status: Our Collection

A beverage for any youth who knows how to work a shaft… 

This extremely light Ale fermented with French Saison yeast is named for the young women of Belgium who sold this beer to miners after a long day in the dark.  Grissette is the Belgian word for gray; the color of the dresses these maidens wore. It has a blend of Belgian Pilsen and White Wheat malt for a smooth, crisp yet slightly rich body and mild sweetness.  This yeast attenuates super-low yet has such a fruity, floral and complex ester character that there is plenty to please the palate.  Easy-drinking enough for a light-weight, complex enough for a connoisseur.   

OG: 11.7                  ABV:  4.5%              IBU: 20.7