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“Chaz Select”

Status: Our Collection

You know Chaz, man. He's just, like, the GUY.

Chaz knows haters gonna hate. Chaz ain't gonna pay NO mind. This beer's got its own thing going on. It's not complicated, ya know? Just a Pilsen malt base keeping it clean and fresh. But it has more to it, baby, like some Carapils for the gooood body.  And if you're looking for something well-balanced, like the kinda beer you could take to Vegas or home to meet your mama, Chaz is your brew, dude. It's got just enough of that hop bitterness to keep it even and a dash of that SELECT green, that juicy Jarrylo hop. You know, to show its soft side. Chaz is just everybody's go to. So, go for it, bro!

ABV:  5.2%       IBU:  18.9       OG:  11.7