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“Ziggy the Enscorchelator”

Status: Our Collection

The secrets of the dark and horny Mage are many.
Enchantment and spell-casting are but childs play to the sorcery that is Ziggy the Enscorchelator. In the space between Hellesbock and Doppelbock there lies a different kind of beer. The Dunkles Bock is darker and maltier than a Hellesbock, with distinct bready nose and flavor, but without the sweetness and heat of a Doppelbock. It is both darkness of color and lightness of body. It is a master of Vienna and Munich Malts and a wielder of immense Lager crispness. Delight in the Dark Arts of The Enscorchelator .
ABV: 6.5%      IBU: 18.2     OG: 16.0P