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“Wheaton Wine”

Status: Our Collection

This beer is always awesome! Even if it has never been on Star Trek.

If you have ever liked a wheat beer, this is the beer for you. If you don’t like wheat beers, try it anyway because it’s way different from most wheat beers. Prominent portions of honey malt and biscuity sweet melanoidin malt accompany the featured wheat wine style. We loaded this brew down with malted wheat and
flaked wheat to produce the characteristic flavor of that grain in a beer that truly does belong in our malt category. Look for a light warming alcohol note and hints of fruit paired with rich bready and malty flavors. A moderate Tettnanger hop addition rounds off the sweetness and makes this a highly quaffable beverage.

ABV: 7.7%                IBU: 31.3                     OG: 18.0P