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“Robster Craw”

Status: Our Collection

When in Maine . . .

A second take on our Mockless Lobster, this lactose scotch ale has
a lot of layers, and almost all of them come from the malt. Just
when you think you’d discovered them all, another one will creep
up behind you. Look for biscuitty brown malt, some semi-sweet
Munich, a little rye, some caramel notes, a melanoidin kick, some
darker roast, toffee from the scorching process, and a residual
sweetness from the lactose. The moderate dose of English
Challenger hops help to temper the sweetness in this beer
without getting in the way and making its presence known too

ABV: 6.5% IBU: 26.6 OG: 18.3P

Origin: Home Depot in Austin, MA