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“Fresh Prince of Bel End”

Status: Our Collection

In West Flanders-delphia, born and raised, in a mash tun is where I spent most of my daze.

As the first whispers of Fall echo down Main Street, sink in to a pint of this Belgian dark ale. The pale malt base is fairly unassuming, as are the Nugget hops that balance the sweetness. Don't be fooled though; this beer has a ton going on. The estery, slightly phenolic Belgian yeast character serves as the perfect start to a malty playground. Hints of flaked oats and wheat lend a fluffy mouthfeel while caramel and honey malts create a rich, complex sweetness to counterbalance the dry Belgian yeast finish. A touch of chocolate malts brings in a little roastiness and bittersweet cocoa flavor. Pound one and dance around like Carlton. Alfonso Ribeiro would.

                                  ABV: 6.3%                   IBU: 20.5                  OG: 14.2P

Origin: West Flanders-delphia