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“Der Guberhoarker”

Status: Our Collection

Watch out or he’ll hoark your goober in the night!

A solid base of Vienna malt forms a rich, slightly
caramel-like backbone for a variety of specialty malts
such as melanoidin, special aromatic and chocolate
that introduce a pleasant complexity. In the manner of
traditional Vienna lagers, this beer has malty, caramel,
and sweet chocolate flavors on top of a small addition
of German hops just to balance out the sugars with a
hint of bitterness. The lager yeast produces a crisp,
clean body that allows all the flavors to reach the
palate without lingering too long. Perfect for cold
nights in Austria. Or anywhere else.

ABV: 6.4% IBU: 23 OG: 15.2P

Origin: The gut.