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“Multi-Prepuce Tool”

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For Your Pleasure...
With this Hoppy French Saison we pay tribute to the hardest working muscle in the human body. Not that slick, thumping beater in your chest. Not that bulbous, bouncing gluteus maximus. No, No, were talking about that shit-talking, lip-licking, prepuce-pleasing pink fella you got jiggling around in that pie-hole of yours. Thats right, this beer is for the tongue that does the talking so you can do the walking. We hopped this delicious blend of Belgian Pilsen, Spelt and Wheat malts with heavy doses of Topaz and MI 527 hops for big grapefruit, peach, plum and mild anise notes. We fermented with French Saison yeast for full peppery, floral flavor blasts. So give that magical muscle a satisfying, sensuous taste experience. Aint no shame in a lil’ self love.
ABV: 7.1%      IBU: 63.5     OG: 14.9P