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“Mr. Rye-T Now”

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Hey baby, aint nothing wrong with livin’ in the now.
Life is filled with tough decisions. Lets take which beer to drink off the table. Mr. Rye-t Now may not be the beer of your dreams, but it sure fit the bill in the moment. Over 200 pounds of Rye Malt and Flaked malt give this easy-going IPA a lively dose of spice. A hop profile that is at once gentle and assertive caresses the palate with flavors of grapefruit rind, pine, chamomile and pineapple. Thats what you get when you hob knob with the likes of Citra, Zythos, Crystal and Wakatu hops. Worldly, well-balanced and zesty. This beers got yer number, go on and pick up the phone.
ABV: 6.6%             IBU: 63.5           OG: 14.9P