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“Instant Placation Libation ”

Status: Our Collection

You want a hoppy beer, honey? Ok, here ya go, sugar. There, thatnice...
We aim to please you, always. No, really, honey! Why else would we make this delicious, light-bodied IPL? For our own sense of curiousity? To see how the cantaloupe qualities of Huell Melon Hops will merge with the candied lemon peel flavors of experimental hops from MI? To see how those flavors would meld with the tropical spiciness of Wakatu hops and a light and smooth grain bill of Pilsen and Vienna Malts? No, sweetheart, itall for you. Drink up, darlin. Drink up.
ABV: 7.0%        IBU: 70.1       OG: 16.1 P