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“Commie Pekko”

Status: Our Collection

Socialism! Communism! Americas goin’ down the crapper in a blaze of government-funded health care and affordable education!!!
We're onto to those G.D. lefties and their hops and their delicious beers. We're here to show them that we've got a few tricks up our sleeves yet! You Millenials are all looking for the next novel on fleek craft brew, so we brewed up an India Pale LAGER. That'right. With EXPERIMENTAL Pekko hops from Michigan. These things aren't your fathers Cascades. No grapefruit, or piney notes for you, ya hippie. No, siree. Get a whiff of pineapple and thyme on that nose. Have a mouthful of those cucumber, mint and juicy Meyer lemon notes. Have a pint of Commie Pekko with your kalsalad while you listen to your new Danny Brown album in your tiny house. Com-Sym.
ABV: 6.8%                IBU:69.4                 OG: 15.2