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Status: Our Collection

STYLE: Pale Ale with Mate tea

ABV: 6.66%IBU: 37.1 OG: 14.2



Hops: Ella, Huell Melon, Hallertau Blanc

Malts: Pale, Bonlander

Other: Mate, Ginger, More Mate


Malt Character: crisp, bready

Hop Character: juicy, melon, grape

Yeast Character: lil peppery

Other: dry clean earthy pale ale with a kick of bitterness on the finish.


Wings, burger, pork nachos, salads (if you're into that sort of thing)




Anything goes south of the equator, it's like bizzaro world down there. White is black and black is white...(that is if we saw colors in terms of color, which we don't). Thats why when powerhouse startup brewer Daniel Diehl from Narcose in Porto Allergre, Brazil came to town, we went back to the drawing board with a Yerba Matte Pale Ale. The Yerba Matte that we used is called Chimarrao and so we shortened it to CHIMale, which I guess is pronounced a lot like shemale, which coincidently there are a lot of in Brazil apparently. I found that out last time I was in Brazil (Wild Times indeed), Luckily as I mentioned earlier, south of the equator nothing counts, and it never really happened. But this beer did.