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“Brett The Hipman Hop”

Status: Our Collection

This beer is the best there is, the best there was, and
the best there ever will be.
A solid dose of light pilsner malt along with a variety of
similarly undermodified German-style malts gave us a
crisp, clean base to work with. Then we got it All
Funked Up. Generous additions of Apollo and
Vanguard hops created a substantial flavor of citrus
peel and floral spice as well as plenty of IBUs for such
a mild malt bill. Ale yeast was then used for primary
fermentation before adding a blend of three strains of
Brettanomyces. These superattenuating little bugs
were allowed to thoroughly ferment out many complex
sugars and leave behind their characteristic (and very
apparent) wild and funky flavors. After about four and
a half months, we added a fresh addition of whole leaf
Amarillo hops that spent about a week imparting a
citrusy, almost candylike flavor. Finally, we moved the
beer to a bottle for a final fermentation that cleaned
and carbonated this beer to be ready for the glass.
ABV: 8.0% IBU: 64.5
(*ONLY AVAILABLE IN 22oz Bottles)

Origin: The Hart Foundation