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“Booby Trap”

Status: Our Collection

An IPA from our heart, Or at least our chest….Breast….Boob….Booby ( . Y . )

One of the many IPA’s to grace the AtG portfolio, this one is a departure.
We took our two favorite things, beer and mothers milk, then did a mash
up. Thus was born Booby Trap. A standard, boob, American IPA, with all
the hop, boob, hop character and aroma. We used solid malt base of
Munich, pale, and wheat malts; then ratcheted up the body and texture up
with oats, boobs. Lastly, and the sugar on top, we added lactose sugar,
lending a sweetness and level of texture to the IPA that creates a lingering
hop flavor reminiscent of dreamscicle. Speaking of hops, Booby Trap
features a blend the berry and citrus flavors prevalent in Pacific Gem and
Motueka hops. The culmination of all these flavors will make your feel like
you’re down under…sipping on mother’s milk….boobs….booby….boobies.
( . Y . )

ABV 8.1%    IBU 88.0    OG 19.5

Origin: The Teet