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“Tropical Drank”

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Aruba, Jamaica, OOOOOOOOOO I wanna TAKE ya!
There’s a place called Kokomo, that’s where we want to go to get away from it all. And, perhaps counter-intuitively, drink a delicious Tropical Stout. ‘Stout?’ you say, your eyebrows slightly knit, giving us a bit a snarky tone. ‘Yes, you ignorant bastard, stop questioning us.’ ... These dark, sweet beers brewed in the tropical markets of Sri Lanka, Singapore and most typically Jamaica have a rich, fruity character beefed up by big additions of unprocessed sugars, in this case Turbinado. Paddle on over to the bar and get yourself a Tropical Draaaaank... and for godssake, put on some sunscreen!!! 
ABV: 6.3%               IBU 19.7               OG 16.6P