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“Tejas Te”

Status: Our Collection

Pip, pip! Fancy a nice cuppa with ya' pint, Govnuh?

The base beer here rides the line between a stout and a porter featuring both roasty and chocolatey flavors with neither one really dominating. The really interesting stuff, however, comes at the end of the boil and beyond. After the boil but before fermentation, we steeped four pounds of black tea. This semi-bitter herbal flavor shines through prominently in each sip. After fermentation, we then replaced delicate oils scrubbed out by the yeast in the form of pure bergamot oil. This lends a bitter orange peel sort of flavor very familiar to drinkers of English teas. Take a pint, lie back, and think of England, my dear.


                              ABV: 6.2%                 IBU: 25.8                    OG: 15.2P