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“Schlaffen zum Funften ”

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Tryin’ hard to give them some wood, but...
We knew that was the tradition for a five year Anniversary, but we decided to give Eiderdown a tasty beer instead. James came over and we came up with a German-influenced India Black Ale that we’re calling India Schwarzbier. Same deep, dark color as the traditional German Black Beer, but with a good portion of the roast malts added during sparge instead of in the mash. The result it a lot of color, but less of the astringent, acrid flavor associated with it. We then hopped this beer to the gills both in the kettle and in the fermenter with the new generation of German aroma hops: Huell Melon, Hallertau Blanc and Bavaria Mandarina. These hops are totally different than what you’d expect in a India Black Ale. Less rind and pith and pine and more tangerine, melon, grape and spice. This beer is both soft and dank. Very subtle bitterness blends into chocolatey, juicy fruitiness. It may not be wood, but its dark and delicious. I think they’ll take that and like it.
ABV: 5.6%           IBU: 50.7         OG: 13.6P