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“Mopery with Intent to Dawdle”

Status: Our Collection

Mopery is egregious enough as it is. If you intend to Dawdle afterwards, you are indeed a hard man.

Don’t be fooled just because you can’t see through it. This black bitter is true to style (apart from the color, of course). Look for a crisp malty sweetness balanced with just a touch of roast to go along with the black color. The hops also play a bigger role than you might expect. Late additions of Phoenix and Pacifica lend mellow spice notes, hints of wood and citrus, and a little grassy earthiness. A slightly warmer fermentation also allows the yeast esters to stand out and give substantial fruit character to a beer with no fruit. 

                                   ABV: 5.3%                IBU: 30.0               OG: 13.0P