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“Jim's Porter”

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Celebrating 25 years of letting the good times roll...
The city of Louisville has suffered many losses since it first sprang up on the banks of the Ohio, but none nearly so devastating and sudden as the loss of the Good Time Emporium... except for maybe that flood... and the tornados... and the fires........ But this was Jim Porter’s, man!! Where else could you get groped by a cougar while listening to a Third Eye Blind cover band? And we all remember the Dickens Room, am I right?? Something’s gonna have to fill the void of... I mean for all those fine, forty-something honeys now that they can get a cocktail from Crystal at the Balcony Bar no longer. And if someone needs to fill that void, it might as well be us, right? So we bring you this Belgian-style Porter. Brewed with orange peel and cranberries to give it that flavor reminiscent of the Cosmos Carrie’s always swilling on Sex in the City.
ABV: 7.8%                IBU: 22.4                 OG: 17.6