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“Ancient Rye-ts”

Status: Our Collection

Don’t be so worried. It’s only mostly brutal.

This Belgian Rye Porter is a stellar example of all three of the
words in its style descriptor. The Belgian yeast was allowed to
ferment at slightly higher temperatures than we usually permit
for a Belgian yeast, so it has quite strong notes of various pitted
and tropical fruits as well as a slight hint of phenolic spice like
clove and black pepper. The Belgian yeast strain we used also
attenuates quite well, which means that the finished beer is less
sweet and more dry. The rye also features prominently by
providing that grain’s characteristic spice flavor and ruby tint.
The brown and chocolate malts also make a serious appearance
on the palate here by providing nutty, biscuit, and bittersweet
chocolate flavors.

ABV: 6.6% IBU: 28.6 OG: 15.2P

Origin: Alice in Hell