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We brew the spectrum of beers
within these familiar categories

Hop   Hopster's knew hops were cool before they were cool! At Against The Grain we will always have an offering that puts hop flavor in the forefront. If you love citrusy, floral, fruity, herbal, piney, 'resiny', and some bitterness, this is the beer for you! We brew variations of beers that accentuate the distinct flavors that make hopheads go crazy. From the classic, subtle hop flavors in pale ale to, in your face, enamel peeling, double IPA's, we do them all! Once a hopster...always a hopster.


Smoke   Smoke'em if you got'em! At AtG we are smoke beer fiends! Rarely does an American brewer attempt the classic techniques to make a smoke beer and rarely do they succeed when they try...We aim to change that! Our smoke beers can be lightly smoked or intensely smoky, whichever it is... you can bet it's the best around! We utilize smoked grains from all parts of the world, from the classic peat smoked malts of Scotland, to the clean beech wood smoked malts of Germany, the flavor profiles are endless. So if you're in the mood for some rauch, get a Smoke!


Dark   Dark and ominous, inky, lightless, lurid, murky, nebulous, obfuscous, obscure, opaque...Dark beers can be of any style or variation. At AtG our dark beers are familiar at times and at other times, surprisingly more than you expected. Black malts, chocolate malts, and roast malts can paint a deceiving picture. At Against The Grain, we will create an illusion of roasty and robust flavor and startle you with a completely unexpected flavor profile. Feeling adventurous... Go ahead give Dark a try...


Malt   If you're looking for a filling beer with a big body and sweetness to back it up, look no further! We brew an array of beers that feature the broad palette of flavors that our beloved malted grains give us... from chocolate and toffee, to caramel and dark fruits, AtG brews a beer to feature the malty sweet flavors derived in the broad types of grains used in brewing. At AtG, Malty beers are big bodied, sweet, and delicious! So if you're in the mood for a big malt punch, order up… we will oblige!


Session   Wanna drink some beer? No more should the light beer drinker fear craft brewed beers! At AtG we brew a beer for the session drinker, the light beer drinker, and simply, the new beer drinker. Our session beers typically contain no higher than 5 percent ABV, and feature a balance between malt and hop characters (ingredients) and, typically, a clean finish - a combination of which creates a beer with high drinkability. In short, one that does what it should. Our session beers are light bodied, delicious, and thirst quenching. Come on in and Drink up!


On Tap

Whim   Whim (noun): sudden idea. Synonymous with desire, dream, impulse, inclination, thought, urge, vision….While we are always producing a diverse lineup of beers, our brew masters have an insatiable urge to create without boundaries. Their whim is their outlet. These creations are an expression of whatever mood strikes them, from a classic pilsner to sour mash ale. We will brew beers that express our whim. They are without rules, regulations, or categories. They are adventurous and amazing. Wanna try something new? Drink this.


On Deck

Beers in the tank
and under construction.


Our Collection

Want to know more about beers brewed here at AtG? Here's a list of our collection!

Carry Our Beer

Wanna carry AtG beer? Contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our many distributors. Currently the world is our oyster, so anything is possible!

Brick & Mortar

Against The Grain Brewery & Smokehouse is located in the southeast corner of Louisville Slugger Field at the corner of Jackson and Main Street. It is a former train station that features beautifully ornate industrial architecture, lending to the beauty of the dining room and brewhouse. Inside you will find one of the nations only operational, Victorian styled and 3 story 'showpiece' brewhouses. The copper clad 15 barrel brewhouse is complimented by eclectic pieces of art produced by Louisvillian artists.



A hardened criminal from the mean streets of St. Matthews, Andrew began his restaurant career in seedy pool halls where he broke fingers in exchange for chicken sandwiches. The folks at Outback Steakhouse noticed this talent and decided to give him a “job." After more than a decade of laboring under the cruel whips of Australian convicts, Andrew was thrown out of the nest for contesting the well known fact that Foster’s is Australian for beer.

A brief stint as a nomadic wanderer was followed by a slightly longer stint as a wandering nomad, during which time he developed skills at homebrewing and cigar smoking. These skills led him into a brewpub job that eventually connected him with the rest of the AtG crew. As the only member of the group who was significantly experienced at managing a restaurant, Andrew was, in many ways, the final piece that enabled the AtG machine to start running. His goal is to make sure you have a good time, even if he has to get a little risqué to do it. He is also available for children’s parties.


Hatched from a silicon-based stone on the planet Phaart in the faraway Jurquad Nebula, Jerry made his way to our Earth in the wake of the Great Intergalactic Snot Rocket of ’64. Like some sort of demented Kal-El, he was raised by aliens and discovered at an early age that he was not quite like the other kids. He has no super powers per se, but he is highly skilled in the use of profanity and solenoid valves, particularly in conjunction with one another.

He probably doesn’t like you, but you shouldn’t take that personally. His deep space travels ruined the part of Jerry’s brain that lets him like people. If you happen to see him lurking about, just give him the traditional salutation of his people: "Byonr Srool!"


Sam hails from the great Hoosier state of Indiana. He was sent from the future in a bolt of time-lightning with the objective to save Jon Corner. But by the time he got here, Jon was already saved and Sam needed something else to do.

After attending Indiana University for political science, it made perfect sense to move to Kentucky and enter the social service field. Turns out that was a terrible idea for Sam. It became apparent that he needed to harness his love of home brewing. He lept at an opportunity to work in the brewing industry. After plowing his way through keg washer to the assistant brewer, Sam landed a gig as the head brewer at a local brewpub in Louisville. One thing led to another and he realized Louisville was in need of a “new garde” brewery. One that would harness innovation and change the way beer was viewed in Louisville. Without hesitation, he helped launch the concept of Against the Grain. Sam now runs the marketing and events department of three and travels the globe with his spirit of choice, Prosecco. For the most part, Sam’s hobby has become his career. He spends his free time enjoying country music, expensive dinners with his three kiddos, and his mom’s pool.


Adam has always been here. You may not have seen him, but he was here. After watching the birth of the Universe, he decided to gain an education in theatre, mathematics, physics, and law. Uninterested in sticking with any of those as professions, he went back to his roots and learned magic. As a natural offshoot of the mystic arts, he learned beer, which is very interesting. If you find yourself feeling a little better every time you walk in to AtG, it is probably because of the protective spell being cast over the area. Don’t worry, it’s complimentary.

In his free time, Adam listens to epic fantasy metal and plays a variety of tabletop RPGs. He occasionally foments revolution, drank his first beer when the world was young, and may or may not be moderately skilled in the art of poi. He is also really good at NBA Jams.

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